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This campus is smoke and vape free

​Smoking and Vaping – 2019/2020 University policy

The university’s commitment to wellbeing looks to support a smoke and vape free campus.

The university, as a international teaching and research institution with a strong focus on healthcare and education, is committed to promoting health and wellbeing.

The University of Brighton aims to create a healthier, smoke and vape free environment for its staff, students, contractors and visitors. As such, smoking and vaping has been prohibited on all the university campuses from 1st September 2019, other than in designated areas.

The government’s new Tobacco Control Plan for England includes a commitment to ‘maximize the availability of safer alternatives to smoking’. It makes clear that e-cigarettes have an important part to play in achieving the ambition for a smoke free generation and the University of Brighton recognises and supports that view.

The Smoke and Vape Free 2019 Policy (pdf) has been developed to:

  • Improve the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, students, contractors and visitors,
  • Protect all employees, students, contractors and visitors from exposure to all types of second-hand smoke,
  • Enhance the look of our estate, support sustainability and improve the control of toxic waste
  • Comply with the Health Act 2006 and the Regulations made under the Act,
  • To support staff and students to quit smoking and switch to lower risk vaping activities as part of that transition.

View the Smoke and Vape Free Campus Policy (pdf)

Robin Coleman • 14 January 2020

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