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Springboard, Your University Crowdfunding Platform

Raise money for your great idea or project with the University of Brighton’s very own digital crowdfunding platform Springboard so you can reach your fundraising targets. 

Whether your idea is big or small, Springboard can make your ambition a reality and help you to raise funds for a project, event or equipment – no matter if you need £500 or £5,000!

All we need from you is a great idea and a willingness to spread the word.

We are committed to sharing your projects as well as provide advice, tips and guides for you to use the university networks to improve your chances of a successful project and reach your goals. You will learn skills that will relay into employability and look great on your CV!

Springboard Roadshows

Come along to one of our Springboard Roadshows to find out more about how you can get the most out of the university crowdfunding platform.

Roadshows are taking place on:

  • Tuesday 8th October, 12pm-2pm Mithras House
  • Wednesday 9th October, 12pm-2pm Grand Parade
  • Thursday 10th October, 12pm-2pm Cockcroft mezzanine

Last year students raised over £20,000 for:

  • Their businesses and community projects
  • Funding for an academic research and dissertation projects
  • Eight end of year shows and exhibits
  • Volunteering projects and finding new supporters
  • Supporting their society and sport teams

Get signed up now on and see if your project can be one of the remaining 30 to gain up to £250 match funding!
To get more information please email:

Katy Croft • October 1, 2019

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