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Trainsplit – save up to 40% on long train journeys

Save money on train travel using the University of Brighton Trainsplit website, which searches for available ‘split tickets’ (separate legs) to a journey, as it is often cheaper to buy multiple tickets than one ‘through’ ticket. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get off the train where you change from one ticket to another, but you must travel on a train that stops at every station where you split tickets.

The Trainsplit website will do all the work for you, showing any available split tickets on your journey so you can save on your fare – plus there is no booking fee. Visit the University of Brighton Trainsplit website, watch the video below for more information on how split ticketing works and download the Trainsplit app using your university email address.

Where to download the Trainsplit app

Additionally, for each ticket bought through the Trainsplit website, the university receives a 1% rebate, (a share of the commission Raileasy receive from the train companies when a ticket is sold). This rebate will be ring-fenced and used to fund sustainable transport initiatives across the campuses, decided on annually by the Sustainability Governance Board.


Robin Coleman • September 9, 2019

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