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Volunteers wanted for filming student feedback on tutoring

We’re looking for students who have had Personal Academic Tutoring and can feed back their experience for some YouTube videos. There’s a £20 Amazon voucher for every student who participates. Contact Joel Roberts if you’re interested.

We would particularly welcome speaking to BME students, disabled students, and mature students about their experiences of Personal Academic Tutoring (PAT).

Example of a previous PAT student feedback video

Filming of the videos should not take longer than an hour, and can be done on whichever campus suits the person being filmed. We intend to film in June or July depending on student availability.

Questions will include:

  • How often do you see your tutor?
  • What kind of things do you discuss with them?
  • What resources do they signpost you toward?
  • What preparation do they ask you to do for a tutorial?
  • What activities happen in your tutorials?
  • How do you arrange to see your tutor?
  • How has Personal Academic Tutoring impacted your time at university?

How to get involved

If you are interested in being in one of these videos, please email Joel Roberts at to discuss this further and make arrangements for filming.

Robin Coleman • May 29, 2019

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