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Hate crime research project looking for students

Have you ever experienced hate speech or prejudice-motivated abuse directed at you primarily because of your identity? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed or heard about others on campus experiencing this type of behaviour?

Hate crime research

A research team is developing a new programme for students at the universities of Brighton and Sussex which will offer an innovative response to incidents of hate on campus.

The primary aim of the programme is to empower people targeted for their identity and to effectively challenge the causes of hate and prejudice.

The university programme will be based on the use of restorative approaches to repairing harm and restoring rights- respecting relationships between people.

How you can help

To help design this new scheme, the team would like to hear your views via focus groups to listen to students’ views on hate speech and hate incidents. All responses will be kept anonymous.

Please do consider contributing your views to this important new programme, as your voice could make a big difference. Focus groups will take place on campus at various times and locations.

Pizza and soft drinks will be provided to all participants as a thank you.

Further information

For more information, or if you are interested in participating, contact Dr. Liyana Kayali at:

focus groupresearchvolunteer

Robin Coleman • 15 May 2018

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