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Ramadan 2018

Many Muslim staff and students will be observing Ramadan during May and June this year. In the month of Ramadan observant adult Muslims will give up food or drink during the hours of daylight.

The University has developed these Ramadan Guidelines (pdf) for managers and teaching staff on how to support staff and students who are observing Ramadan. It is intended to increase understanding about the month of Ramadan and offers advice on how to be supportive of colleagues/students who are fasting.

Equality and Diversity staff at the University can advise managers and teaching staff about practical arrangements and how this works with existing policies. They can be contacted at

Further help

The following links provide some useful information for Muslim staff regarding Ramadan and how best to manage fasts:

The University Chaplaincy can also provide support to students and staff who are observing Ramadan.

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Robin Coleman • 11 May 2018

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