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New and improved facilities

The Modern Spaces Programme aims to deliver state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make your spaces smarter. With over 20 projects being delivered this summer, you will notice the increased flexibility of our facilities and technology. We have created new spaces similar to the dual-purpose desk units in Checkland A512 and Aldro G20, now also available in the newly-created Mithras House G31, due to open in November.

You will find magnetic glass boards across some rooms, offering creative writing walls for you to engage in learning that is dynamic and inclusive. Some of these boards have been strategically placed to stimulate group work activities. In Watts 401, you will be able to use mobile glass boards to form smaller groups and shape the space as you need it.

The introduction of new touchscreens will also offer the opportunity to showcase work from your desk, simply by broadcasting it to the front screen.

These developments are happening across all campuses and we will continue to listen to your feedback to improve our spaces. For more information, or if you have any questions please, contact Graciano Soares, Learning Spaces Development Manager.

Find out more about improvements near you:


  • Aldro G14 has been modernised to create a new social space
  • Interactive touchscreens installed in Aldro G1, G2, G9, 101 and Hillbrow 122.


  • Addition of power sockets to tables in Cockcroft 201 for device charging during lectures
  • Installation of interactive touchscreens in Watts 311, 312, 510 and 511
  • In Watts 311 (the Explore Classroom) the quality of sound has been improved with new acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Mobile mood boards have been installed in Watts 401.

Grand Parade  

  • Installation of a touchscreen in the newly-formed seminar room 318b
  • We have also started the first phase of modernisation of the Graphic Design and Illustration studios located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of Grand Parade, designed with students and academics.


  • Full decoration with new carpets, furniture, magnetic glass boards and installation of interactive touchscreens in Westlain 113, 212, 213, 217, Mayfield House 101 and 102
  • Interactive touchscreens have also been installed in Checkland A501 and E424.

Social and Informal Learning Spaces

As well as these new and improved facilities, you will find social and informal learning spaces across campuses at the University, such as in Watts building and Hillbrow Sports Centre. These areas have been created for your enjoyment, to promote creativity in an informal setting that doubles as a welcoming space for socialising.

Samantha Paget • 25 September 2017

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