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Wellbeing workshops for 2017/18

We know there is a lot to juggle whilst you study, which is why our Counselling and Wellbeing team work hard each year to put on free, practical sessions to give you tips and strategies to help you keep on track.

Whether you are prone to procrastination, anxiety or nerves, or simply want to improve your confidence and resilience, these sessions can help everyone. Not only will they help you in your academic career, you’ll also develop important skills to take with you beyond university – so take up the free opportunity whilst you are a student.

Changes to the workshops in 2017/18

This year we are offering the opportunity to attend workshops in your school at a time and place that suits your timetable. If you would like to arrange a session, have a chat with your Course Rep to see if other students on your course would be interested in attending. Then contact Sue Burnett, the workshop facilitator, or speak to your Student Support and Guidance Tutor who can pass on your details.

Workshops available in your school

Develop your bounce! Be more resilient to stress (90 minutes)

Develop your resilience to stress and bounce back! In this workshop we will discuss how we recognise stress, what strategies can be developed to manage it and become more resilient to its impact.

Procrastination and how to avoid it! (90 minutes)

This session aims to reduce procrastination by sharing techniques to improve your motivation, planning and organisation throughout the academic year. We will discuss ways in which you can be more productive with limited time, make a realistic plan and reward yourself for your hard work.

Do you need to improve your communication skills? Whether for your studies, placements or future employment, this session will focus on boosting your confidence, building rapport and developing listening skills to become a more effective communicator.Communicate with Confidence (90 minutes)

Understanding Anxiety and Dealing with Worry

If you would like to gain a better understanding of and learn more about your anxiety and worry, we can support you with a CBT based workshop (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). We work in partnership with the Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service to provide this session and help you learn ways of managing symptoms.

This workshop is open to students that are registered with a doctor in the Brighton & Hove area, but if you are interested and not registered, do contact us for more information. Minimum numbers are required for this session to run.

Samantha Paget • 15 September 2017

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