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5 tips for eating well for less

Trying to eat well on a student budget can be a challenge in itself throughout life at university. Whilst it feels tempting to buy a ready meal that can be cooked in less than five minutes, or order a takeaway rather than going to the shop, we don’t often think about how our eating habits affect the mind.

Food that is high in sugar or provides a quick energy release can cause us to crash – so that energy drink you’re sipping in the library isn’t going to help you in the long run!

There are still plenty of ways that you can eat well and still enjoy dining out or takeaways. We’ve put together a list of five great tips to help you eat well for less – or sometimes even for free.

1. Save 10% at all University of Brighton cafés

Did you know that you get a 10% discount on unicard purchases in our cafés? With 18 cafés and restaurants across our sites, we have something for everyone and can provide healthy options for a variety of dietary needs.

2. Too Good To Go app

“Eat well. Save Money. Save The Planet.” – Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a food app that helps to minimise food waste and provide meals for vulnerable community members, all whilst allowing you to enjoy discounted meals from your favourite food outlets! From coffee shops and bakeries to delis and restaurants, you can indulge in nourishing takeaway meals for an absolute bargain.

Whilst not in all areas yet, the app is still expanding so it’s one to watch.

3. Share a veg box with your housemates

If you’ve got a good relationship with your housemates, cooking for each other can save lots of money. Why not join a veg box scheme and split the cost?

The University of Brighton Food Co-op is a great way to eat well for less, whilst meeting new people and giving back to the local community. As a student volunteer, you only need to donate a few hours of your time a month to help order produce and organise deliveries.

4. My Supermarket

My Supermarket is a handy shopping app that compares 15 supermarkets to help you shop smarter. Build your shopping list and find the best prices and offers around with daily updated prices. The app is even smart enough to make saving suggestions by providing alternative products.

Eating well needn’t cost you the earth, and doesn’t have to with this frugal app.

5. Become a mystery shopper

Eyes:On is a mystery shopping app by Market Force that displays current dining and retail opportunities in your area. You can earn money as a mystery shopper, save loads off of your food bills and sometimes even eat completely for free!

Enjoy a proper meal without worrying about the costs.

Samantha Paget • April 27, 2017

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