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Registering to vote

With the sudden news of a snap election for June 2017, it’s important to make sure you register to vote in time so that you can have your say. If you would like to make your voice heard, you will need to register by Monday 22 May. It only takes a few minutes, so make sure you don’t miss out.

We’ve put a short FAQ together with some commonly asked questions about registering to vote.

Who can vote?

If you are 18 or over and a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland who is resident in the UK, you are eligible to vote in UK elections. You will need to register to be able to vote in elections and referendums.

Did you know that it is a legal duty in the UK for adults to register to vote, and you can also register to vote at both your home and student address?

What do I need to vote?

You may need your National Insurance number to register. Don’t have it? Call 0300 200 3502 or visit the website.

If you live in Brighton & Hove, you can register without your National Insurance number. Select the option ‘I do not know my NI number’ and type ‘I am a University of Brighton student’.

I’ve moved address since I registered

If you have moved since you last registered to vote, or will have changed your address by the next election, you should register again. You can also change any personal details that may have changed.

I’m not sure where I will be for the general election

Did you know that you can apply for a postal or proxy vote?

If you know you will be away on the date of an election, or have difficulty travelling to a polling station, voting by proxy means someone can vote on your behalf. Again, if you know you will be away from home or out of the country, you can also apply for a postal vote. You can find out more about alternative methods of voting here.

Voting in the local elections?

The County Council elections are taking place on Thursday 4 May for Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes, Rother and Wealden. You should have received a polling card if you are registered to vote.

If you’re unsure of the location of your polling station, check the address on the front of the card as it may not necessarily be the closest polling station to where you live. Polling stations will remain open until 10pm.

Samantha Paget • April 20, 2017

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