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Library Services is embarking on an exciting new project that puts the decisions about which eBooks we buy firmly into the hands of students. You don’t even have to do anything!

Recent feedback from students, particularly postgraduates, is that you want access to more books and want to be involved in the selection process for new books.

We hope this project will give you the opportunity to do just that.

The Library Service has acquired 20,000 additional eBooks across all disciplines. New titles are added as they are published, as part of a trial year agreement with two quality academic publishers, Wiley Blackwell and Sage Knowledge. These books have been added to OneSearch and the library catalogue.

How does it work?

The project works in two ways:

  1. We will look at which books have been the most popular over the course of the trial year and purchase the eBooks that you have used the most
  2. Or, you can simply tell us what books you want by emailing us here.

The benefits

  • Full access to a range of quality academic titles on a ‘try before we buy’ basis
  • Wider selection of ‘niche’ titles to support individual specialist research needs
  • Extensive subject coverage e.g. Humanities, Business, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Chemistry, Medicine and Nursing
  • Informed purchasing decisions – we can be confident that we are spending university funding wisely, as we will be buying what we know is needed and being used, rather than what we think may be used
  • Access through our standard resource discovery tools – OneSearch and the library catalogue.

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Ed Bending • 11 February 2016

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