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Extended library opening hours

The university will be trialing extended opening hours in the New Year.  All students need their UniCards to access these facilities out of normal working hours.  If you forget your Unicard, you will not be able to gain access.

Falmer, ST Peters House, Queenwood and Hastings libraries

Opening hours will be:
8.45am – midnight, (Monday-Friday)
12pm – Midnight (Saturday and Sunday).
Staffed services will close at 8pm (Monday – Friday) and 4pm (Saturday and Sunday).
All other hours are self-service/study only

Aldrich will be open 24/5 every week during spring and summer term time

Opening hours will be:
24 hours from Monday 4 January
Weekend opening Saturday 11am -2am (Sunday)
Sunday 11am – 8.30am (Monday)

Staffed services are:
8.30-9pm Monday – Thursday
8.30-7pm (Friday); 11am – 3pm (Saturday and Sunday)
All other hours are self-service/study only

Ed Bending • 9 December 2015

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