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Meeting new uni friends

  • Keep your door open when you first arrive and unpack, this way people can see you exist.
  • It’s a guaranteed way to meet people. You might also like to put up a big sign with your name/course on your room door.
  • As soon as you know one person, go round knocking on everyone’s door in your flat/block with them. You’ll be less nervous in a pair and you can then meet quite a few people.
  • Get your computer set up so you can put on some music it’s a great conversation starter.
  • Don’t be afraid to start up random conversations with people you just happen to be standing next to while waiting for something – that is how you make your new friends. Chances are, they’re just as nervous as you and will welcome the chance to have a conversation without having to start it themselves!
  • Keep a smile on your face. Plenty of smiling is always a good thing! It makes people want to talk to you.
  • When you sit next to someone new in a class or lecture, introduce yourself. It’ll feel a bit odd but ‘How you doing, my name is … and I’m from ….’ is the way to begin good friendships.
  • Go to as many social events and organised things as possible. It may be exhausting, and you’re unlikely to remember everyone later, but the more people you meet now, the more you can say “Hey, I remember you!” to later.
  • Don’t stop talking to random people just because fresher’s week finishes. Keep going and keep meeting people. As people settle in they will be more relaxed and everyone will feel less like they are on best ‘friend-making’ behaviour.
  • After your first few classes or lectures, as everyone disappears through the door, say “Anyone fancy a coffee?” because they’ve all been desperately hoping someone would. If you all just slink off home, friendships never get a chance to develop.

Ed Bending • 2 September 2015

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