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Fresher’s survival tips

How to survive the first term…

  • Take it easy – Fresher’s is the time to get out there and have fun. However try not to be the person forever remembered as the guy who slept in a bin or the girl covered in puke. Have fun, look after each other.
  • Be open-minded – even if someone doesn’t seem like your kind of person, give them a chance. They could be the most interesting person you meet all year.
  • Fresher’s flu- It might get you, it might not.  Always best to look after your body and mind, take some vitamin c, wash your hands occasionally and try to have a couple of early nights each week.
  • TV license – Remember if you have a TV you will need to have a license, even if you live in halls (which makes no sense to us, but are the rules)
  • Bank accounts – Open a student bank account. Lots of banks offer student accounts with various perks, so figure out which one is the best for you. If you already have a bank account, you should be able to change it to a student account.  Money Saving Expert compares deals for students offered by all major banks.
  • Explore – Get to know your way around town and ask which places are best to avoid at night.
  • Stay in touch – Remember to let your family know you’re alive, having fun and enjoying university life.
  • Try something new – University is one of those times in life when you’re supposed to experiment and find out what makes you tick. Why not try something you’ve never considered before – join a crazy-sounding society or get a group of friends together to do a fun activity like surfing or zorbing.
  • Student Services are really helpful. If you have any problems about anything (dealing with Student Finance / not sure you’re on the right course / missing home / can’t stand your new flatmates) go talk to them, they’ll know what to do.
  • Look after your stuff – Remember to lock your windows and doors, use a security marker to tag your electronic gear and think about content insurance. The university’s PCSO Officer; Lee Cook can help you with this.
  • GP Registration – Sign up for a doctor as soon as possible. Student Services can give you a list of local GPs.
  • We all hate Monday’s – Monday 9am lectures do exist. We tried to cancel Monday last year but failed so remember this when someone suggests a Sunday fun day!
  • Freebies – Take all free stuff offered!
  • Your digs – Make your room yours, put your own stamp on your room, hopefully you’ll have bought some home comforts with you.  Whether you’re staying in halls or you’re in a student house, you want to make sure that your room is a positive environment for you to work, sleep and socialise in. Plants especially are a great way to keep a room feeling fresh.
  • Learn to budget – Simple, but so many forget to do it. By the end of the first term you may find yourself living on baked beans and toast as you spend too much of your money having fun and going out. Some people find setting up an excel spreadsheet helps.
  • Join a society – is a great way for you to make the most of your spare time, it’s good for your CV, and it keeps you social.  There is a plethora of societies to choose from, so get along to the Fresher’s fairs and sign up.

East Sussex is filled with free or very cheap stuff to do on your days off, it has a rich and interesting history, some beautiful scenery and some amazing country side. Enjoy your time here.

Ed Bending • 2 September 2015

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