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Last year the University of Brighton awarded prizes worth just under £200,000 to students

Yes, that’s right.  Thanks to donations from local businesses, our Alumni Association and friends of the university, 200 students won awards ranging from £50 to £1000 for their achievements.

Available awards:

Up to 50 x £1000 scholarships each academic year
Awards from £50 to £500 to recognise final year achievement

These awards are not all about best grades, they are for students who have:

  • Improved the most
  • Gone above and beyond in terms of the curriculum
  • Shown perseverance and motivation
  • Been disciplined and proactive
  • Pushed to achieve their full potential
  • Shown dedication, even when things haven’t gone to plan
    silver trophy with ten pound note studio cutout

How do you get an award?

Work hard and strive to be the best you can during your studies.

Your course leader and school administration staff will, throughout the year identify the students who have given their all. Students will be contacted directly.

This is a positive gesture to recognise student achievement, so if a fellow student wins an award, we hope you will join us in congratulating them.

You never know, it could be you…

Ed Bending • 20 May 2015

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