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Struggling with your assignment?

BR2Are you spending hours on Google and still not feeling like you have the right material for your assignment? Maybe you’re confused about journal articles or worried about referencing?

Whether you’re baffled by Biology, overwhelmed by occupational therapy, puzzled by Psychology, or clueless about Criminology, the online subject guides can help.

Compiled by library staff, these guides provide links to resources and information arranged by subject.

Why they’re great

  • They take you directly to the resources you need for your subject, meaning less faffing!
  • They’ll help you find books, journal articles, images, statistics and websites
  • They can help you use the information that you find effectively, helping you to write a better assignment
  • There’s pages to help you with referencing
  • Contact information for library staff is also included

So, whether you are working on a presentation, a report, an essay or a dissertation, your online subject guide is the place to start.  Let a librarian be your guide through the maze of sources and be sure that you have relevant, quality information at the heart of your work.

Ed Bending • 12 December 2014

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