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Meet your SSGT

Each campus has Student Support and Guidance Tutors (SSGT), so you’re never too far from someone who can help you out in difficult situations.

They’re an invaluable source of information and advice; they’re here to help you whenever you may need it.

SSGTs don’t provide academic advice – as this is the role of personal tutors – but they can help with:

  • Homesickness/loneliness
  • Accommodation problems
  • Problems with your studies, particularly for mature students
  • Course concerns
  • Stress related issues
  • Mitigating circumstances

BR4If you’re worried about something, talking to your SSGT can help. You can get in touch with yours in person, by phone or email. For a full list of SSGTs across the university, click here.

Lorraine Roberts is an SSGT at the Hastings campus. Whilst she’s been working there, she’s helped hundreds of students with their money worries, course concerns and applications for extensions or mitigating circumstances. A friendly face that knows everyone, she’s always around campus and gets involved with events around the uni too.

“There are times when you may not know where to go or who to speak to. It can feel quite lonely to not have someone to confide in, but that’s what I’m here for. Whatever the problem is, if it’s having an impact on your university experience you can come and find an SSGT like me.


I work with students to point them in the right direction; I’m the link person. I help with extensions and mitigating circumstances because unfortunately, sometimes things happen beyond our control.

Even if you just want a chat, me and the other SSGTs are here. If you’re concerned about something, don’t wait.”

Ed Bending • 11 December 2014

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