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The Life of a Business Management Student

Moving from Kenya to the UK and starting university as an international student can be a significant change, and it’s often challenging to know what to expect. So, I’m here to give you an idea of the life of a Business Management student at the University of Brighton Business School. 

Why I Chose to Study Business Management

My interest in studying Business Management began during IGCSE studies, and I believed that this would be the best path for my future career. 

I wanted a comprehensive understanding of how businesses operated and the skills necessary to lead and make strategic decisions. I was drawn to the versatility of the degree, knowing it would open diverse career opportunities across various industries and prepare me for starting my own business.  

What I like most about studying Business Management is the blend of theory and real-world application, the valuable networking opportunities, and the chance to tackle real business challenges, all of which have significantly enhanced my career prospects and personal growth.  

Additionally, the program’s focus on critical thinking and problem-solving has sharpened my analytical skills. The exposure to different aspects of business, from finance to marketing, has broadened my perspective and allowed me to discover my specific interests within the field.  

This journey has confirmed that business management is the perfect fit for my ambitions and aspirations.   

A group of students sit around. table with their laptops out as they work together on a group project

Insight Study

I have just completed my third year and will be graduating this summer. Typically, my weekly academic life included 2 hours of lectures and seminars per module at the Brighton University Business School campus, amounting to 12 hours in total. However, for one module, we worked on a project with professional clients, so we had lectures and seminars for only 6 weeks before switching to independent study and collaborating with my group and the clients’ team. 

In the first semester, I wrote a 3000-word essay on Gymshark’s e-commerce and social commerce strategies for the ‘E-commerce and Online Behaviour module’. For the Small Business and Entrepreneurship module, my group and I developed a business plan for a clothing and footwear resale service. Additionally, a mandatory module required us to participate in and create development centres, which involved group work. 

In the second semester, I wrote a 2750-word report on the strategic analysis and recommendations for Mercedes-Benz for the ‘Strategy’ module. For the ‘Marketing and Communications’ module, my group and I created a presentation and plan book for Sussex Recovery College. We also worked with professional clients from a company called BrightMinded on a tech and AI project for the DB666 module. 

My favourite module this year was ‘E-commerce and Online Behaviour’ where I wrote an essay comparing Gymshark with its competitor Ryderwear. Being able to choose my favourite athletic apparel brand Gymshark as part of the focus on the essay meant it was an enjoyable piece to work on. 

Another module I enjoyed was ‘Developing Professional Practice in Business’, as it was a transformative journey with learning experiences that I can carry forward in the future.

Preenas powerpoint presentation slide about the fit-wear brand 'Gymshark'

Insight Outside of Study

When I’m not attending university, I stay very active and engaged. I have been a part of the University of Brighton women’s football team for three years, playing football on Tuesday and Friday evenings and participating in matches on Wednesdays. In addition to football, I work out at the gym 5-6 times a week. 

For part-time work, I serve as a student ambassador and Unibuddy, which offers flexible hours and allows me to work between 1-5 shifts a month. 

Balancing my university life with extracurricular activities requires careful planning. Most of my classes are in the afternoon, so I go to the gym in the morning. I plan my schedule ahead of time to ensure I can fit everything in smoothly. 

I also love meeting friends and trying new activities, such as dining out. By following a well-structured schedule and planning ahead, I can balance my academic responsibilities with my social and extracurricular activities effectively. 

Preena plays football on a grass pitch

My Career and Future

In the future, I hope to pursue a career in either digital marketing, branding, social media, or e-commerce, leveraging the skills and knowledge I have gained throughout my course. During my studies, I have engaged in several projects and work experiences that have set me up for this career path.

One significant experience I have had in my time studying at the University of Brighton has been working with the professional clients BrightMinded as part of a tech and AI project I worked on. This hands-on experience gave me practical insights into working with clients and applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Additionally, I wrote a 3000-word essay on Gymshark’s e-commerce and social commerce strategies for the E-commerce and Online Behaviour module. Gymshark is my favorite athletic apparel brand so I thoroughly enjoyed working on this assigment. This project also helped me develop a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies in the e-commerce sector.

Furthermore, for the ‘Marketing and Communications module’, my group and I created a presentation and plan book for Sussex Recovery College. This experience honed my skills in marketing strategy, communication, and teamwork.

My Experience Studying at Brighton

These experiences, combined with my role as a student ambassador and Unibuddy, have equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to excel in my future career. I am excited to apply what I have learned and continue growing in the field of digital marketing, social media, branding, and e-commerce. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my perspectives and experiences and this has helped give you a greater understanding of the curriculum and career opportunities for someone studying Business Management! 

Do grades matter in Clearing? Well, yes but we always look at you as an individual with a variety of talents and strengths. It’s never only about your grades!

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Preena Shah • 2nd July 2024

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