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A Week in the Life of an International Physical Education Student in the UK

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an international student in the UK? Join me for a week as I navigate classes, campus life, and cultural adventures while studying Physical Education at Brighton!

An International Student’s Perspective

As an international student coming straight from the school of New Delhi, India to study a Physical Education degree in the UK, it has been a very interesting and a unique experience for me. It was a big decision for myself personally and I am sure every international student feels the change of moving to a new country, for instance, a change in the spoken language, weather conditions, food, lifestyle and teaching methods. Unquestionably, it is a lifetime opportunity that offers extraordinary experience which I highly recommend, one must enjoy their present and learn from different cultural background.  

I chose to study Physical Education because I hold a strong interest in building my knowledge towards physiology, anatomy, kinesiology and physical literacy. So, in this blog I’m going to give you an overview of how a typical week looks like as a Physical Education student at the University of Brighton, United Kingdom. 

The course itself is very flexible in its nature and consists of 50% practical teaching and 50% classroom teaching. We usually have 1 to 2 lectures in a day, with each lecture being a maximum of 2 hours, that offers plenty of time to understand the concepts of the modules and leaves room for discussion, activities, socialisation with peers and feedback from lecturers.  

There are also activities offered by the University of Brighton where you can gain and develop new life skills. Many students on my course take part in some of the many different sport clubs available, to further represent the university. I was personally engaged in the university gymnasium, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  

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A Typical Week Studying Physical Education


My week starts with a 2-hour theory lecture at 9am, this is where I focused on learning and developing my knowledge of Physical Education, which is taught in a school setting.  

After this lecture, I usually get some time off, to either eat lunch or relax, however, I personally prefer to go the gym because the sports facilities at the University of Brighton are amazing, they include an exclusive swimming pool just for students and staff, an open field and an indoor hall with wall climbing. 

 Later, I would have a practical lecture where I would play different sports with my peers, this primarily focused on enhancing our practical performance, but also enabled us to build a strong foundational knowledge to enhance our skills and understanding of the sports.

Ketan sat down on a chair hooked up to monitors as he gets isokinetic strength testing in one of his classes


Tuesdays are usually a nice and easy day, I only have one practical lecture around 11am, where I am taught concepts through games and alternative activities. This improves my practical performance in a wide variety of games such as badminton, cricket, basketball, softball, rugby, swimming, dance and many more! 

After the practical lecture, I would use my free time to do some self-studying, I visit the library where I can complete course reading, coursework and progress in my assignments.


On Wednesday’s there usually aren’t any lecture’s scheduled as it’s the day where all the university’s sports clubs have their matches (also referred to as ‘Fixtures’) or team training is scheduled.  

In total, there are more than 30+ sports clubs at the University for students to join. As well as being a great source of physical exercise they also offer an opportunity to socialise with peers after the games. It’s a great opportunity for students from different courses to come and meet and greet each other; it’s also a great platform to make friends and get to know people from all around the world.  

Teams play Badminton in a sports hall


On Thursday, I typically have one seminar and one lecture, starting with an 11am seminar from the module ‘Creating a Positive Teaching and Learning Environment for Children’. This is usually taught in small groups, allowing a greater understanding of the topics and after a small break, we have a lecture of ‘The Science of Movement’. This is typically a mixture of both practical and theory-based learning where we gain an understanding of the fundamentals of physiology, anatomy and biomechanics with respect to their application in Physical Education and Sports. 


Friday is a busy day where I have three lectures; one practical and two theory lectures. 
Starting with the practical lecture, I learn and perform athletics, gymnastics and various outdoor adventurous activities such as mountain biking, river rafting, camping and trekking.  

Later, I usually have a theory lecture on ‘Applied Pedagogy in Physical Education’, this also covers the content and structure from the National Curriculum of Physical Education (NCPE). Following this I enjoy my lunch break and then head to another theory lecture, this time I am learning about the concept of ‘Critical and Contemporary Issues in Sports and Physical Education Globally’. 

Students sit on the floor of a sports hall as a lecturer talks to them

Studying Physical Education at Brighton

Overall, the schedule for the week is quite flexible and the course structure has been designed with a wide range of activities. 
If you choose to study at the University of Brighton, you will graduate with the all-round experience and knowledge to teach the National Curriculum for Physical Education (NCPE), which is necessary to teach Physical Education within the UK. The course enables you to play a prominent and constructive role in the development of physical education, including both dance and sport for children and young people. You can do both within a school environment or in partnership with other children’s services and agencies in the community. You will acquire a specialist understanding and competence in physical education. 

The University of Brighton is an inclusive place and allows students to learn and succeed in their own individual way. The course offers a diverse range of module options and opportunities outside of learning time. I have personally found the tutors to be incredibly supportive throughout, whether for theoretical, practical or teaching knowledge. There has always been someone to talk to if I have any concerns or worries. 

Overall, I am not just a number, I am treated as an individual, someone the university cares about and wants to succeed. 

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Word from the uni

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Ketan Srivastva • 2nd July 2024

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