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Seniz Mustafa, studying Ecology and conservation MSci

Navigating university Clearing: Seniz’s Journey to Ecology and Conservation

I always knew I would attend university, particularly entering secondary school. However, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to study as I enjoyed many different areas of biology and history, but at A-level, I found a deeper interest in evolution and nature-based science.

I applied through Clearing as I didn’t get the results I wanted, which on reflection, may have been due to undiagnosed neurodivergence and family matters. I was offered foundation courses, but at the time I’d been at sixth form for three years and wanted to get straight into an undergrad course.

I knew about the University of Brighton through another student at my sixth form, I knew I wanted to study in Brighton and so I researched my course Ecology and Conservation MSci and liked the look of it. I’m glad I made this course choice as initially I wanted to study zoology but I feel I made the right choice in ecology and conservation.

The Clearing process

I applied on results day. Firstly, I sat down to read the course modules, how they were assessed and whether I felt the course suited my interests. I then enquired on the university website as to whether my grades would allow me to study at the university, and once it was confirmed, I then called the enrolment line and applied. I found it straightforward, and felt relieved at the end of it as results day can cause a lot of anxiety!

My advice

If I could look back, I would tell my younger self to look into Clearing before results day so that way I would have had a plan of action, had I needed to go down another route. Another tip for Clearing would be to take half an hour to think in the garden and take a few deep breaths, as this time can cause a lot of stress and worry for young people. After that, then decide a plan of action once the adrenaline has passed, and know that if your heart is set on a goal, then you will achieve it, even if you need to go down a slightly different path to get there.

Jenny and a friend holding their results

Word from the uni

Do grades matter in Clearing? Well, yes but we always look at you as an individual with a variety of talents and strengths. It’s never only about your grades!

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Seniz Mustafa • 20th June 2024

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