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Brighton student life: 10 reasons why it’s a good place to live

Brighton is one of the UK’s most diverse, entertaining cities. It’s a great place to live for students and here are 10 reasons why:

Student life in Brighton: Our top 10

1. The perfect day out

I would start off with a breakfast at Nowhere Man with vegan friendly pancakes. Then head down to the marina to play mini golf where it’s all lit up with UV art. Then to the Pavilion Museum if they had any exhibitions. Then I’d head to the ARTBOX café and finally to the pier arcade and play as many games as possible!
Seniz is studying an ecology degree.

2. A feast of food

One joy I hadn’t expected was the food, amazing cafes everywhere, restaurants sporting cuisines from all over the world. My favourite is the Curry Leaf Café and their south Indian street food.
Ellie is studying a media degree.

3. A creative hub

Brighton is filled with creativity. My favourite activity on a Friday has to be going to the local pub where they hold open-mic nights and gigs. I would advise anyone to immerse themselves in the Brighton music scene.
Undine is studying an architecture degree.

Brighton seafront has a great range of bars, cafés and activities to unwind.

4. Beach life

Brighton has the beach and countryside on its doorstep – the best of both worlds. Nothing beats sitting on the beach on a glorious summer day with my mates and enjoying the liveliness of various bars playing music. And I love that ‘only in Brighton’ is a such a well-used phrase!
Nick is studying a paramedic science degree.

5. Easy to get around

Being able to easily get around really important, especially for me as a wheelchair user. Holing up in a café for the afternoon to do some work or spend time chatting is so nice. The beachfront is wonderful when the weather permits, and just people watching brings me a lot of joy.
Georgina is studying a politics degree.

Brighton & Hove Pride is the most popular event of its kind in Britain.

6. The UK’s gay capital

As a member of the LGBT community, I love that Brighton has the reputation of being the ‘gay capital’ of the UK. My favourite part about this is how non-judgemental the whole city feels – there are so many dedicated LGBT spaces and meet-ups, and there’s a focus on LGBT mental and sexual health that I haven’t seen in other places. It also means you’re very likely to bump into LGBT people.
Eva is studying a pharmacy degree.

7. Eco-friendly

My favourite aspect is how eco-centric Brighton is, as there are so many options for vegan food, eco shopping and zero-waste options. It’s also a small city, so you can walk everywhere, and for a country girl like me, it doesn’t feel too stressful!
Katy is studying a media degree.

8. International vibe

Brighton is a place where I immediately felt a sense of belonging. Even as an international student, I felt like I fit in almost instantly. The energy of the city helps fuel my creativity and offers inspiration to all my projects. There is some sort of activity for everyone; beautiful beaches, quirky cafes, retro vintage stores, and also endless restaurants, bars and clubs.
Trisha is studying an interior design degree.

Brighton’s Lanes and North Laine are filled with eclectic shops.

9. Explore the Lanes

There are countless quiet coffee shops and bars tucked away into the Lanes to explore whether solo or with friends. One of my favourite things about living here is being so close to the beach to watch the sunset or swim in the summer, as well as the food stalls and the pier.
August is studying a globalisation degree.

10. On the water

I have lived here all my life, and I just couldn’t move away because I love it so much! My favourite thing is walking along the undercliff every day and swimming or paddleboarding in the sea in the summer.
Angelica is studying an English literature degree.

Paddleboarding is just one of the activities you can enjoy on Brighton’s coastline.
Student looking at their phone


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Ben Westwood • 22nd February 2023

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