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Top tips for saving money at uni

The cost of living makes savvy spending at university crucial. Here our students give their tips to keep on top of the bottom line, whether through part-time work, smart shopping or applying for student loans.

Get part-time work

I’ve tried various part-time jobs. I’ve worked as an online tutor teaching GCSE and A-level students, a barista at the student union café, a student ambassador at university, as well as a counter assistant at a pharmacy. As well as earning money, these jobs have allowed me to develop essential skills such as time management, communication and teamworking.
Dana, Pharmacy MPharm

Become a student ambassador

Being a student ambassador has been one of the best things I have done since being at uni. Although it isn’t a constant inflow of money, it’s a great job to top up on funds, and the experience and skills I have learnt have been invaluable.
Angelica, English Literature and Creative Writing BA(Hons)

Set up a student savings account

I recommend setting up a savings account to store money aside for important payments like bills, rent, food and travel. This way, you can spend money at social events like nights out without feeling too guilty! I use budgeting apps like ‘Snoop’ and ‘Emma’ to categorise my spending and see how I can improve my habits, as its easy to get carried away!
Kristian, Music Business and Media BA(Hons)

Cook for yourself at uni

I have found that for me the best way to save money is by cooking for myself instead of going out to eat. Then whenever I do decide to go out it also has a greater importance and is just that much more exciting.
Undine, Architecture BA(Hons)

Cooking is a great way to save money instead of paying for takeaways.

Cut uni travel costs

Brighton is a small city – many places are only a short distance away so you can save lots of money on transport by walking or cycling. I’d also recommend looking into accommodation near your uni campus. You’ll save a lot of money if you don’t need a monthly bus or train pass.
Eva, Pharmacy MPharm

Shopping on a budget

There are many places like Shabitat near uni that offer amazing second-hand furniture, gadgets, clothing and cutlery – great for moving into halls or private rented accommodation. Grocery stores like Aldi and Lidl are great places to stock up the fridge with affordable prices. Many websites and stores also have student discounts, which helps save a bit of money.
Trisha, Interior Design MA

Student loans and bursaries

Being financially independent for the first time can be really scary, but it is definitely manageable! As someone from a low income household, I get a lot of help not only from loans but also receive bursaries from the university.
Kacey, Economics BSc(Hons)

Financial planning at uni

This might be the first time you’re totally in charge of all your own expenses. I try to sit down every month and write down how much money I’ve spent on different things (rent, bills, food, fun). It helps to keep track and highlight areas where I could cut down, or if I’ve got enough money to put into savings.
Sophie, Geography BA(Hons)

Word from the uni…

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Ben Westwood • 13th February 2023

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