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Why I chose University of Brighton

University of Brighton is great for graduate prospects in a wide range of careers from health and education to architecture and engineering. Here 10 of our students explain why they chose their course at Brighton and how their studies boost their career.

Alex: Sociology degree BA(Hons)

A degree in sociology ultimately has shown me how to look at the world in more depth. I chose Brighton University as my top option as, from what I experienced from the open days and online taster events, it felt like an inclusive and supportive environment to study in. It certainly appeared that the university made a priority of their students and their wellbeing and I found fantastic support in both areas once starting my studies.

Kacey: Economics degree (BSc)Hons

Coming to Brighton has allowed me to develop the skills and expertise needed to understand the current economy, and how we may tackle present issues. My economics degree has enabled me to think critically and confidently express my ideas, as well as connecting to other people and hearing how their ideas may differ.

Ousainou: Philosophy, Politics and Ethics degree BA(Hons)

I have always been fascinated by philosophy and politics. Running for the Parliamentary election in The Gambia in 2017 did amplify my desire for political and social change. Moving to the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2019 to join my family, provided me the unique opportunity to pursue a career in a field I have always dreamt of. The excitement of coming across a degree in Philosophy, Politics & Ethics from the University of Brighton was just too good to be true for me. I was completely overwhelmed and my desire to enrol in the program became much stronger.

Beth: Automotive Engineering degree BEng(Hons)

An engineering degree at Brighton has a great balance between theoretical, practical and software application. The facilities have allowed me to gain knowledge of welding, 3D printing, simulation data analysis and so much more. My course is particularly great at bringing in external engineers to share their experiences and insight into real world engineering.

Angelica: English Literature and Creative Writing degree BA(Hons)

I love that my English degree is 100% coursework, as it means that there are no stressful exams under strict time limits. We get weeks to prepare our work for assessment, and the topic choices and ways of presenting these are very open for us to interpret.

Samuel: Physical Education with QTS degree BA(Hons)

I’ve always had a passion for sport and I was adamant that I wanted to become a PE teacher. I visited for an interview to ensure my place on the PE degree during my second year of A-levels and I immediately knew that this was now going to be my firm choice. I had my eyes on another university but the welcoming atmosphere and collective passion for sport that radiated around the campus swiftly changed my decision.

Study in comfortable, beautiful surroundings such as newly built Elm House, equipped with the latest technology.

Sophie: Geography degree BA(Hons)

This geography degree has been so eye-opening to a range of things to do with gender, race, class, and other social issues that are so crucial to understand. In the current political climate, more than ever, I think it is so important to question and challenge everything around you, and learning geography has taught me the critical skills I need to do this.

Undine: Architecture degree BA(Hons)

University of Brighton architecture staff are truly my greatest inspiration. They have always managed to bring friendly attitude in a professional environment. I believe that having a constructive critique at hand has helped me to improve my designs. Furthermore, my architecture degree has inspired me to understand my values as a designer.

Imani: Psychology and Criminology degree BSc(Hons)

The thing I enjoy most about my psychology and criminology degree is the application to real-world problems. I leave every lecture having learnt at least one thing that makes me reflect on my own personal life and perceive the world completely differently. This has made me a better person, because I have become more aware as a global citizen and try to engage in activities which promote more positivity in the world.

The university has great facilities, including the redeveloped Moulsecoomb campus.

Oliver: Primary Education with QTS degree BA(Hons)

The Primary Education degree is absolutely incredible, it’s very practical and hands on but it can be challenging too. I can safely say that the lecturers really do provide an insight on their experiences – they help you understand and underpin relevant strategies and ways to teach children and how to best support them in most situations. By my final year I could see an incredible transformation in myself as a teacher from when I first started the course.

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Ben Westwood • 1st February 2023

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