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Four ways to boost wellbeing at uni outside class

There are lots of support services to help you out at uni, but also plenty of things you can do yourself. I’m Faye and I’m in my final year of Business Management with Finance BSc. Here are my top tips on how to stay healthy and happy at uni – from sport, societies, keeping in touch and self-care.

Four top tips for wellbeing at uni:

  1. Sport
  2. Societies
  3. Socialise
  4. Self-care

Sport: Get active at uni

Sport Brighton offers fun social sessions very cheaply. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting physical activity while also de-stressing and meeting other students with the same interests as you!

They run these for dance, netball, football, rugby, volleyball, tennis, dodgeball, archery, swimming (Eastbourne), badminton and basketball.

I have attended netball and dance sessions. It is a great fun way to play and meet others at university, and I learned a lot from netball. Dance also held many different styles, which were quite fun! I was also given the opportunity to run my own dance session.

Step by step: the Dance Society is just one of many clubs to socialise and enjoy yourself.

Societies: join a club at uni

Student societies are clubs run by students for students. I joined the Netball Society with my friends and went on socials on Wednesdays, plus a Christmas dinner.

I then got into the Dance Society’s hip-hop competition team and we competed at the BUCKS competition in Loughborough (a national competition for dance schools). The atmosphere at BUCKS was exhilarating and one of my best days at university.

I also made great friends through dance. Joining the Dance Society really helped me feel like I belong at university. The Wednesdays socials at Revolution Bar and Pryzm Nightclub are a great way to blow off some steam and meet more students and we get to dress up to a theme too. We also meet others from other societies on these nights out and we sometimes join up with other societies too.

I have also been a performance captain, where I choreographed a routine alongside another captain for our annual dance showcase. This was a place for those who may not want to be competitive or may not have gotten through auditions but still wanted to perform. The annual showcase is a lovely time to perform with other dancers of the society. I enjoyed the last dance at the end where we did a routine together. It was nice to also show our friends and family what we have worked on all year. By also being given the opportunity to volunteer as a captain, I could work on my leadership skills and my dance aspirations.

So, there is a place for you, whether it’s at competitive level or just for fun!

Social contact: keep in touch at uni

I would suggest keeping in contact with your friends and family – both at home and in Brighton. I think it is important to not isolate yourself while studying, as that’s not good for your mental health. Plus, if you are feeling homesick, maybe a phone call to a friend or family member at home could be just what you need. Ensure to spend time with your friends and do things that you enjoy, as this can help with motivation and enjoyment. Not everything is about just your studies, and no one can study 24/7 straight!

By always attending your seminars and lectures, which is vital for your wellbeing and to do well in your studies, you can also meet fellow course mates and help each other with tasks and de-stress. Others have different strengths and viewpoints which can enrich your learning experience.

Anxiety can cause overload
Stress can affect your ability to work, so it’s important to take care of yourself and seek support when needed.

Self-care: look after yourself at uni

All being said, at the university it is down to us to look after our health and wellbeing, and put university first. Treat university studies like a full-time job. Sometimes you have to decide not to go out if that would be better for you and your mental health. But find time to enjoy yourself and see others, allow yourself time to relax and rest, especially on semester and term breaks.

Take a weekend away if you need a break from university life – sometimes that is all you need. Watch your budget, as that will reduce anxiety and stress and help you manage your money. Have a goal in mind for the end of university, be inspired by your lecturers and other students, and tap into the university services if you need!

Student looking at their phone

Word from the uni…

For more info on staying healthy and happy, check out our Wellbeing section on the range of services available at university.

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Faye Holland • 9th November 2022

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