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The Brighton Pavilion

My first year at university – a photo blog

Hi – I’m Trish and I moved all the way from India to the UK last year to pursue my Interior Design MA at the University of Brighton. This is a photo blog of a few of my highlights, both academic and social, during my first year at university.

Part 1: Academic

Our first task was to visit and photo document the Royal Pavilion (figure 1 pictured above), which later became the basis of our first project of the “Preliminary design” module.

Further into the course, we were introduced to a new module called “Technology and Material Practices” for which we had to test, research and understand properties and uses of various materials. This was a perfect segue into our first class trip to the Building Centre, London, to see the “Shaping Space- Architectural Models revealed” exhibition (figure 2).

We also were taken to see work by the design firm Local Works Studio at the workshop in Lewes (figure 3), which really helped us understand how to experiment with various materials.

Our first semester culminated in a huge exhibition of our work for which we had to design and curate the displays, models and information boards ourselves. I used that opportunity to learn so many new techniques like working with cloth (figure 4) and the basics of carpentry (figure 5).

The project for the following semester involved re-designing an iconic historical monument in Brighton – the Brighton Hippodrome. One of the most exciting days was when we went for a site visit while the interiors were getting restored and got involved with the process of the restoration of the Grade 2 building to its former glory (figure 6).

Part 2: Social and Cultural

Apart from being involved in just academic work, I also spent my time getting to know the city and exploring the various little lanes of Brighton.

I’ve always found the seaside very relaxing and therapeutic, so I used to just walk along the stretch of the beach, alone or with friends, especially on sunny days. I even spent a whole morning trying out the rides on the pier! (Figure 7).

I often spent my weekends navigating through the city. During my quest to find cute and quirky places nestled within the famous “Lanes” of Brighton, I stumbled upon a vintage shop called “Snoopers Paradise”, full of antiques, vintage clothing and other odd, unique items (figure 8).

Though I didn’t end up travelling within the UK quite as much as I would’ve liked, I did end up going to London on multiple occasions, whether for exhibitions at the Design museum, or for various plays and musicals I could manage to book in advance. One of the highlights was going to see Phantom of the Opera, which I absolutely loved! (Figure 9).

All in all, university isn’t only about what you learn in class. It’s the entire experience; pursuing the subject you love and making it your own, gathering new friends, creating new memories and getting inspired by the surroundings.

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Trisha Dasgupta • 7th November 2022

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