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Making friends through university activities

How to make friends at university: tips and advice

Making friends in a new place can often feel like a daunting prospect. But no fear, here is a guide to help you with the ins and outs of university social life!

5 ways to make friends at uni

  1. Meet people in uni halls 
  1. Make friends at Freshers’ Week 
  1. Making friends at uni through mutual interests 
  1. Go to local events 
  1. Meet people on your course 

1. Meet people in uni halls

The first friends students often make are the people they live with, whether that’s in university halls or in private accommodation. These are, ultimately, the people you will live with for the first year of your university experience! I myself am still friends with two people I lived with, and I know many more who are the same.   

2. Make friends in Freshers’ Week

Let’s say now you’ve made friends with your flat or housemates, where to next? The university has over 50 societies so your next best bet to make friends at uni is to attend the Freshers’ Fair during Freshers’ Week.

Student friends taking a selfie

Here there will be many stalls, each run by different societies, where you can find out more about them and sign up to their taster session. 

3. Making friends at uni through mutual interests

Societies are a great way to meet people with a shared interest or experiences, such as the table top game society or the creative writing society.  

At their taster sessions you will then get the opportunity to meet other members or prospective members like yourself. Many societies will then also hold social events. These can be an array of activities, one of the best I’ve been to has to be LaserZone!  

4. Go to local events

Another way is to go to local events. For example, I recently attended the Moulsecoomb Forest Open Day, held right next door to our Moulsecoomb campus, and met so many new people – even met a few chickens! It gave me the chance to meet many people I had shared interests with, but also learn more about the wildlife in and around Brighton. 

5. Meet people on your course

Lastly, you will then get the chance to meet all of your course mates. These friends will be quick to make as, naturally, you will have a common interest!  

Typically, courses will run some fun sessions at the start such as treasure hunts. I myself had to write with a group on what we thought was the weirdest species!  

Your first classes will typically occur in late September so, depending on your tenancy start date, this allows you plenty of time to get out there in the city and try all the activities from the arcades to mini golf and the stunning South Downs. 

Group of students outside on a volunteering project

Other ways to make friends at uni

Volunteering: I have made friends and met many new people through volunteering! Opportunities can be advertised on platforms such as Eventbrite, Facebook or forwarded on from lecturers.  

You can also make friends online before you start uni

Here’s Ellie to explain how making friends at uni can start even before you arrive.

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Seniz Mustafa • 22nd September 2022

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