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Ollie Moutrey

What is it like to train as a teacher at Brighton?

Prepare for your future at university

Throughout my school life, I always aspired to be a teacher as I saw their job as an incredible impact on children and that’s what I wanted to do in life. The primary education teacher training course helps you tremendously to prepare you for your future career. Staff show you how to plan, teach, assess and improve on your own teaching from this. The placements on top of this ultimately shape you as a teacher and are a really powerful experience.

Develop your teaching style

The course is absolutely incredible, it’s very practical and hands on but it can be challenging too. I can safely say that the lecturers really do provide an insight on their experiences – they help you understand and underpin relevant strategies and ways to teach children and how to best support them in most situations. By my final year I could see an incredible transformation in myself as a teacher from when I first started the course.

Learn together at Brighton

The most interesting aspects of the course have to be when you’re working collaboratively as a group – there are so many ideas bouncing off one another and it’s a truly great environment to be in. The teacher training facilities available to us are phenomenal. The university has the library which is great for literature to support assignment writing but it also has an open learning centre. Here are books, resources and materials needed to help plan lessons and assignments.

Inspirational staff at Brighton

All of the staff for the modules that I have studied are absolutely incredible. They are engaging and aspiring people and have a lot of knowledge about what they teach. Their passion for teaching comes across massively in their teaching to us

Personal development

The university changed me as a person. I am a lot more chatty then when I was in my first year. I can provide suggestions in conversations and have lots of friends to take along with me on my journey after university. I am feeling very positive about what the future holds and know that I will be a very successful teacher.

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Word from the uni…

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Oliver Moutrey • 15th August 2022

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