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Tim Bonner

What is it like studying a maths degree at University of Brighton?

I’m adapting to university study

Mathematics is not the easiest of courses, as you may expect. Lots to learn and remember. That being said, I have had great support returning to education after taking four years away from studying and day by day I’m finding it easier and progressing with my work. We’re assessed in a variety of ways including portfolios, coursework and exams. This blend is great as you can see how you’re progressing and which modules you need to spend a bit more time on.

Preparing for industry

Something that majorly attracted me to the University of Brighton maths degree is the stats and programming elements. We learn a variety of coding languages used in the working world of mathematics including SAS, SPSS and R, all of these are very applicable to the real-world, widening opportunities of employment opportunities in the future.

My most feared module became my favourite!

I was nervous about starting Further Calculus as I thought I was going to really struggle, but Will our head of course and lecturer for the module, has made the module easier to understand. We have topic booklets that guide you through the lecture with space for additional notes and exercises built in, so that the notes for the module are displayed together and easy to process and understand.

My lecturers have an open-door policy

We can check in at their offices to see if they’re available for a chat or contact them online to ask for support about work and personal issues. They help direct us to the support needed and if it’s something they can’t deal with themselves they will still be there to ask how you are. The university is so supportive and wants you to succeed, there is always guidance for those who seek it.

I’m excited for my future

I look forward to the challenges ahead and seeing what I can achieve with the skills and knowledge I have developed at Brighton. The course is helping me prepare for a career, with presentation skills, leading discussions on my findings, and how to convey the information I have found in language that is easy to understand.

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Word from the uni…

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Tim Bonner • 15th August 2022

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