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Bethany Croucher

What is it like studying an engineering degree at University of Brighton?

Develop your specialism at Brighton

Engineering is a very structured course so all the mechanical, automotive, and aeronautical students work together until the third year. All engineers learn the essential engineering skills and the foundations of a variety of areas before narrowing into individual strains in the final year. I think this structure works very well. The group projects within the modules are often flexible allowing the students to choose the specific topic and design of that project.

Talk to the experts at Brighton

Engineering at Brighton has a great balance between theoretical, practical and software application. The facilities have allowed me to gain knowledge of welding, 3D printing, simulation data analysis and so much more. My course is particularly great at bringing in external engineers to share their experiences and insight into real world engineering.

I’ve received an award for my studies!

The award I received was the IMechE best student certificate. It is for the top-ranking student in any year of an IMechE-accredited degree. It recognises my grades as throughout the year being consistent and highly ranking. I think this award will prove to future employers that I am hard working and will strive to achieve the best.

Academic and personal support at university

The teaching is very diverse including lectures, tutorials, group work and workshops. There is always a chance to ask questions, get involved and voice your opinion. I have met some very inspiring and supportive lecturers/tutors that have motivated me to work hard and aim high.

As well as the teaching, the support network has been continuous throughout my engineering degree for both academic and personal guidance. My personal tutor has assisted me throughout my course so far, they are always available and willing to help no matter how big or small the enquiry.

Preparing for the future

Living and studying in Brighton has exceeded anything that I could have imagined. The course has covered many more topic areas than I initially realised so I am always developing new interests within my modules. I have also developed many transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and critical thinking.

Student looking at their phone

Word from the uni…

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Beth Croucher • 15th August 2022

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