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Kerry Hullands

What is it like studying an education degree at Brighton?

I enjoyed reading more about the lectures

The transition to degree level was for me mostly noticeable in the amount of reading, I had done a literature A-level but the amount of reading I have done on this degree is definitely more. However, this is also a benefit as I am always interested in the reading. It is always topical to the lectures and being able to see theories being used within lectures meant that I never feel like I am just treading water. The lecturers are incredibly supportive and there is never a fear to ask a question or to ask them to rephrase something as they know that not everyone learns the same way.

Education relies on policy

I have loved being able to learn more about the policies within education. I find reading policy and seeing how it is applied within research really interesting and I am glad I’ve been able to explore this in detail. There was so much more in education than just teaching and I’ve loved being able to explore all the different sides to education.

We can use the library on any Brighton campus

I like being able to study even when I’m down in Brighton. The number of books we have access to is incredible and I loved using the libraries when I was on a break from lectures. The online library is a go to with any research, I would refine my search using Google Scholar and then find the references in the library which were often much better copies than ones I found on Google.

I am hoping to become a teacher

I am particularly interested in working within children’s hospitals to be able to teach and give children a sense of normality, especially when their worlds have changed so much due to illness. I would one day like to work in policy, as it is such an interest of mine on this course, hopefully I’ll be able to play a part in helping to develop the education system in the UK.

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Word from the uni…

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Kerry Hulands • 15th August 2022

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