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Ugonna Okoro

What is it like studying a Biomedical Science degree at University of Brighton?

Develop your style at Brighton

You can direct your own learning and suggest tools and methods that help you understand complex physiological systems. I have used and observed lab equipment including confocal, electron and atomic microscopes, spectrometers, spirometer and four-lead electrocardiograms.

Real-life benefits of study

My favourite module was Diet and Exercise. One of the assignments allowed us to collaborate in groups of four to research the benefits of resistance, endurance and HIIT exercises of a chosen health condition. It was a course that changed my perception of health. I have even incorporated the lessons into my daily routine such as drinking almond milk, eating seeded wholewheat bread and exercising regularly.

Join a society at university

I am a member of the Catholic, British Sign Language and First Aid societies. Societies are communities of their own that allow you to learn new skills, gain knowledge and make lots of friends. The best thing about societies is that you get to meet all types of people from different courses.

Get involved at Brighton

The only thing I will say to anyone starting university would be to try everything. Take advantage of every support system available to you because they were created for you. University is the time where you can learn how to live independently and make important life decisions.

The perfect place for students

There are lots of student discounts, restaurants, bars and nightclubs for all types of people. Everything is also relatively close to each other, so you don’t have to travel far. The people are what’s great about Brighton. You can be who you want to be and fully express yourself however you want, and nobody would care because they’re also doing the same.

Career opportunities from studying biomedical science at uni

We are encouraged to not limit ourselves to just the health and life sciences field. Our course teaches us transferable skills like organisation, responsibility, verbal and written communication, operation of equipment, research analysis, and using IBM SPSS to analyse data, interpret graphs and identify patterns. I am confident that even if I don’t end up working in the healthcare profession, I will have acquired skills that I can advertise to employers as a STEM student.

Student looking at their phone

Word from the uni…

Interested in this course? Read the full course description for our biomedical science degree BSc(Hons).

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Ugonna Okoro • 15th August 2022

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