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George Diamantopoulos

International student Clearing stories: George Diamantopoulos

George studies Mechanical Engineering BEng(Hons). As an international student their Clearing experience was a little different. Still, as with our other student blogs about Clearing, they have useful insights and advice.

Why did you apply through Clearing?

During the summer of 2019 I was expecting my IELTS results which I needed to apply to university as soon as possible. They came in late, therefore there was no other option for me, than to apply through clearing.

Brighton student looking across Falmer campus

How did you hear about the University of Brighton?

I had a personal mentor, who suggested the University of Brighton, since it had a high percentage of first-class graduates and it delivered a complete student experience: residential halls, night life, close proximity to the capital city, student representation board, BSU.

As far as the process itself, it was straight forward with contact lines always available at every step of the process.

George Diamantopoulos

What steps did you take when applying through Clearing?

I do not know the exact steps taken to apply through Clearing. My personal mentor was responsible for mentioning my available options, mentioning pros and cons and letting me and my family make a cognitive decision. At the time my IELTS results were announced my only option was to try and claim any last unclaimed spots at Brighton University.

How did you find the Clearing process at the University of Brighton?

The Clearing scheme was available online at the University of Brighton’s website. As far as the process itself, it was straight forward with contact lines always available at every step of the process.

Did you experience any challenges when you applied through Clearing?

To be perfectly honest, the process was way smoother than I was anticipating. Exactly 7 days after I applied through Clearing, I received a call from Brighton and was told the good news.

International student Clearing: Do you have any tips for other students?

Make sure that you apply as soon as the portal opens. Brighton University operates at a first come first serve basis. Therefore, if you’re uncertain of the university of your choice or want to have more options, apply early.

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Word from the uni

Do grades matter in Clearing? Well, yes but we always look at you as an individual with a variety of talents and strengths. It’s never only about your grades!

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George Diamantopoulos • 15th August 2022

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