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What is it like studying a fine art degree at Brighton?

Make your own study pathway

I studied an art foundation which helped me narrow down the specialism within the field a bit more, and after finding this painting course (one of only a few which offer it in the UK), it felt tailored to everything I wanted to learn about and explore!

Find your people in Brighton

The main reason I chose Brighton is the sense of community it had, I remember walking around the studios on the open day and talking to the students who described it as a ‘painting family’. For me, being surrounded by a creative, supportive environment was just what I needed.

Set your own style

My course is basically a three-year long project assisted by practicing artists and technicians. While we have workshops, there is no house style, we aren’t told what to do, which I think is a really good way of approaching a course like this. It definitely feels like it is setting me up for a future as an artist, I decide what is important to me and what I want to explore and then am supported by the course to achieve it.

Try new things at university

The course encourages a more flexible approach to the term painting. In my own work I have explored extended-painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture and been to lectures and workshops outside of my course to assist this. In second year you have a module where you choose a subject which is different from your course; this has definitely been one of my favourite parts as I picked Land and Sea which has consisted of loads of trips where I have drawn on location alongside environmental scientists.

I am more adaptable and resilient

Since starting the degree, and studying throughout a pandemic, I think my confidence has increased. I feel more capable and proud of my work as I continued making art even through difficult situations. I also have a lot more appreciation of life outside of my house, creative friends, the landscape, swimming in the sea, going on walks, having a studio and how privileged I am to be able to study here.

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Word from the uni…

Interested in this course? Read the full course description for our fine art painting degree BA(Hons).

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Megan Hack • 10th August 2022

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