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My route through Clearing: Seniz Mustafa

As part of our series on student Clearing stories Seniz Mustafa, who is a student on the Ecology and Conservation BSc, tells us about the route through Clearing they took and how they overcame any challenges along the way.

Why did you apply through Clearing?

I did not achieve the results that I had wanted, and was offered a foundation course. I was already going to be a year older than my peers and so did not want to wait another year before starting my course. I also knew that I wanted to study in Brighton, and liked the sound of the course I am currently on and so applied.

Student Seniz whose route through clearing led to university stood by university sign

“Ensure to thoroughly look through the course you are applying for and do not rush the decision”

Seniz Mustafa

What steps did you take when applying through Clearing?

I looked at the entry requirements on the course page. I then contacted a member of the university through the messaging platform that appears on the page, where I was told I did get the grades to apply. I then called the clearing line and applied there.

Did you experience any challenges when you applied through Clearing?

My only challenge was finding private accommodation on my own. I used the University of Brighton housemates Facebook page to find other students and luckily had it sorted!

My route through Clearing: Tips for other students

Ensure to thoroughly look through the course you are applying for and do not rush the decision. Results day can cause a lot of anxiety and a flood of emotions, but I would suggest to take it slowly. In fact, I would also have a couple of universities in mind before results day so you know where you want to apply should you need to apply for clearing.

How did you hear about the University of Brighton?

I knew another student at my sixth form that had applied.

Clearing student in lab coat in a university laboratory

Why did you choose the University of Brighton?

I wanted to study in Brighton, and I liked the sound of the course. In particular specific modules such as genetics and marine biology for my first year.

How did you find the Clearing process at the University of Brighton?

I found it fairly easy, however the person I spoke to on the Clearing call couldn’t find my course for a short while. Everything was smooth sailing after he found it!


Jenny and a friend holding their results

Word from the uni

Do grades matter in Clearing? Well, yes but we always look at you as an individual with a variety of talents and strengths. It’s never only about your grades!

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Seniz Mustafa • 2nd August 2022

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