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A mature students guide to Brighton!

So, if like me you are a student of the more mature years you might be wondering what that entails in the city of Brighton and its University. Understandably £1 shots, cheap wine, and a messy bedroom in halls my not be your game plan, but don’t worry! For you and me alike Brighton and it’s University holds a lot more than a hangover the next day and a lost wallet or phone!

Food and drink in Brighton

I’m sure a good café and quality coffee is high on your list and thankfully the university has a Starbucks for that quick fix in between lectures or whilst studying independently. However, when delving into Brighton there is a plethora of amazing independent coffee shops, be it tucked away in the charming laines or the vibrant Kemp Town you are bound to find you perfect cup and people-watching spot.

Brighton – a city, a coast and the countryside!

I’m a huge fan of walking and if you are too Brighton is perfect for it. There’s so much to entertain the senses and everything is within easy reach. A walk is even more rewarding when there is a pub to quench your thirst or stem your hunger after. Brighton is famous for its pubs and for good reason! The competition is high to not just serve great drinks but more importantly amazing food and so there is plenty of choice when it’s time for a tasty treat. You can also easily walk out of Brighton. Have a walk along the beautiful coast or the scenic South Downs and see how far you get? There’s no need to worry about the walk back as there is an abundance of public transport to take you here, there and everywhere in and around the city. My favourite is to walk to Rottingdean along the coast on the famous undercliff. It’s a lovely village with plenty of spots to relax after the walk.

You’ll meet all sorts of people at university

My time as a mature student at the University of Brighton has been brilliant so far. One thing I can certainly say is that you will not be alone, there’s plenty of us ‘older bunch’. It’s lovely to have a mixture of ages within a course and whilst others may or may not be leading a ‘stereotypical’ first year lifestyle and adding their own brilliant qualities to the class you can rest assure that there will absolutely be students who have a similar approach to you, be it the night owl or early bird type. I have a great group of friends at University and Brighton similarly, I adore living in this diverse and vibrant city and encourage it whole heartedly for the mature student.

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Nick Worman • 20th July 2022

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