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What’s a Media degree like?

Varied learning styles at degree level

I remember how nervous I was in the online Q&A’s and fast-forward to now getting along with all my course mates and having amazing lecturers. The course itself has been a perfect mix of practical to theoretical modules and even with blended learning I had the chance to come on campus to be introduced to the studio and the range of equipment available.

Support from the start at Brighton

When transitioning from college to university I was nervous that I would fall behind as I had done two years of photography to only half a year of media studies. However, first year gave me confidence and I gradually got stuck into my course – the modules have clear explanations of technical terms and lecturers can also explain anything during 1-1’s.

When I started university I wasn’t sure about my career path

My placement has really changed my outlook and condensed my very indecisive list of career plans. I’ve had a complete turnaround from wanting to work within filming/tv to following a marketing–related route.

I’ve had a lot of help from my lecturers and have been constantly supported by the placement team. The placement itself is halfway through and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve not felt the time pass whatsoever.

Brighton is the perfect place!

Brighton itself is much more than the beach and pier – with culture and small businesses found just about everywhere from the lanes to the town centre. My favourite thing about living in Brighton is the overall balance of life here from having beautiful natural aspects to a lively town centre.

I’ve grown since the pandemic

I’ve been more conscious about my surroundings (people and the environment) and I’ve thought more about what I want to do and the person I want to be. I want to make an impact, be kinder and create memories because as cliche as it sounds tomorrow isn’t promised.

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Word from the uni…

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Viktorija Brazinskaite • 2nd June 2022

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