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Studying Criminology at university – practical placements and guest speakers!

Pursue your interests at university

University learning is really interesting because you can tailor it to what you actually like – and can read around topics that you are interested in. I’m interested in poverty, and since starting my course I have learnt so much about the nature of poverty and the ways in which it can affect people.

Guest speakers discuss current issues

For the module Explaining Crime and Criminals (my favourite module so far), we had a lecture on Grenfell Tower. I knew about the Grenfell disaster but only through what I had read about and seen on television. For one session we had a guest speaker who opened up to us about the realities of Grenfell. I came away from this so full of ideas and information. When you study criminology you begin to look at the world so differently.

Placement opportunities for Criminology

Students sitting around a laptop

I have a module called Community Engagement: Theory into Practice and we had the chance to do a 50-hour mini volunteering placement. My placement was with Sussex Prisoners’ Families. The charity helps those who have a loved one in prison or on trial. We worked within the courts supporting families by explaining procedures and we also ran other services such as one-to-one outreach. I’m so grateful to volunteer with this organisation!

Back on campus!

The best thing about being back in campus is being able to see people that I wouldn’t normally speak to and haven’t seen since before covid! It’s been really lovely to catch up with the staff! My friends and I are making the most of communal study spaces and having on campus coffee dates which has been a lovely distraction from the stress of our studies!

Studying at university has changed my perspective

Since starting my degree I have learnt so much. I am open to new things and ideas, and I have met so many amazing people along the way. It has opened my eyes to the real world and the way that society works – something I never really considered before my degree.

Word from the uni…

For more information about Freshers and being a new student, visit our Starting at uni section or visit Brighton Students’ Union

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Charlotte Burt • 23rd May 2022

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