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What is studying psychology at university like?

Make a difference for the community

I’m fond of promoting mental health awareness and its importance, as sadly it can be difficult to identify and support. I am eager to help and it led me to be interested in a Clinical Psychologist career, of which the first step is to study a Psychology degree at university. Compared to other universities, Brighton looked very supportive and I’m glad I chose it because it is very supportive indeed. Mental health support is just as important as academic support.

Specialise your modules and customise your learning

There are many modules available each year, which can support you to specialise later in your career – such as forensic, biological, security, cognitive pathways. There are also research methods modules including Community Engagement which is a chance to carry out a placement. It’s not only interesting, and great on your CV, but also a good chance to get some transferable skills.

Practical learning at university

My favourite module so far is Psychology, Cognition and Social Worlds which is quite a medical module. It’s very interesting because you learn about different scans and medical procedures. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of facilities to use, both general and specific to your course. If you download your Brighton Uni app, you can book rooms, laptops, chargers and mathematical, medical or artsy materials.

Studying psychology at uni: Getting professional experience

During my placement module I worked for the university as a facilitator for a programme called Mood Boost, which is a four-week course delivering cognitive behavioural therapy for students. I enjoy it and it benefits me. I’ve also found that the NHS provides a structured volunteering course for psychology students across Sussex, including working in clinical and neurology, so I will be doing this after I graduate.

Prepare for your future career

I’ve become very passionate and motivated. Although it’s going to take me around 7-9 years of university study to graduate as a Doctor, it will definitely be worth it … I hope! Its the best choice I’ve ever made.

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Word from the uni…

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Manar Metwaly • 10th May 2022

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