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Why study Sport and Exercise Science?

Try out the course at one of Brighton’s summer schools

During my first year of college, when I was researching different universities, I took part in a summer school that Brighton offered. I stayed in halls and was able to use some of the facilities that the university has to offer. This experience made me realise that I did want to study and live here. The next step was to research the different sport courses that Brighton had to offer, as I knew I wanted to study a subject that was related to sport.

I chose sport and exercise science as it is a course that enables you to choose your own path, as you can tailor the degree to your interests.

Pick your favourite modules

In second and third year, there are option modules where you pick which topics interest you the most. This year I chose Strength and Conditioning, and Exercise Referral and Rehabilitation and these have been my favourite modules so far.

This course encourages you to find where your passions and interests lie, and eventually pursue them which is great for me as I am not quite sure about the career I want.

Also, there are many opportunities to get real-life, practical experience at Brighton, which makes it stand out against other universities.

Career support at Brighton

The careers and employability team help you find placements or volunteering around your degree, as well as part-time work either externally or for the university. You can also book one-to-one meetings to develop your CV and interview skills. The staff on my course are so great! They are always keen to answer questions and tell you that there is no such thing as a silly question! Their engagement definitely adds to the experience of studying here.

Personal and professional development at university

The university is particularly good at creating a sense of independence which allows students to grow as not only professionals in their field but as people too. I am more confident and have established friendships and connections that will boost my career.

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Word from the uni…

Interested in this course? Read the full course description Sport and Exercise Science BSc(Hons).

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Amy Davis • 6th May 2022

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