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Anyone can study Computing – here’s my experience

Find your speciality at university

Starting the course I was unsure on what jobs you can get apart from the stereotypical ones, but after completing first year I had a bigger understanding of how versatile the course is. The university gives you the chance to specialise and focus more on one aspect after the first year, such as switching to Computer Science with Cyber Security. This flexibility allows you to make decisions when you are comfortable and have more knowledge about the different types of computing disciplines.

The lecturers at Brighton are so approachable

Sometimes only seeing lecturers in lectures makes them seem very scary but really, they are just like teachers and are so happy to help.

“I believe this is unique to Brighton – the staff are all so eager to help and are understanding.”

Lab sessions became a lot more interesting and soon became my best module all because the lecturer made it fun and knew me and my friends personally.

Placement is such an incredible experience

I am developing vital work skills which can only be learnt getting stuck into a real job. It has given me heaps of confidence for when I finish university and start my career journey as it doesn’t seem like such a big step anymore. As a placement student you are guided and mentored so closely that it never feels overwhelming or out of your depth. Brighton were so supportive in helping me get the placement. I have meetings with my placement tutor regularly and still very much feel like a part of the university.

I have grown at Brighton

I came into university feeling a little lost and unsure of myself but now I will leave a motivated young adult ready for a career of my own making. It has been such a boost to look back to when I started and compare to where I am now. I feel like no matter what my career will throw at me, I’ll be ready and will come out of it more driven than ever; this is something I credit fully to Brighton.

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Word from the uni…

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Abby Whitwham • 29th April 2022

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