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Why I chose International Business Management

I’ve gained transferable skills

International business is an excellent course, not only because of the valuable business insight it offers, both national and international, but because of the awareness it develops. It has definitely improved my cross-cultural understanding. I really love the way the course is taught – with both group assignments and individual assessments. It teaches you general knowledge that you will use if you decide to continue on in the field, or if you switch into another profession. What you learn will always be useful.

My course can really make a difference

Studying international business management has not only equipped me with skills from the start, but it has also made me see that there are loads of opportunities to improve our world’s economy.

“I really think that business is an essential skill to have no matter the career you are in. From biomedical science to IT – business is used everywhere all of the time”

Specialise your learning to follow your interests

Having such a variety of option modules available gives us a valuable chance to explore our interests. My favourite module, Personal Finance, was in fact an option choice. I can’t stress enough how interesting and life changing this module is. It has given me personal finance knowledge that a great part of the population don’t know about.

Our learning is always relevant

We are doing a really interesting group project in one of my core modules called International Business Analysis. We learn the exact steps investors take when considering a country and industry to go ahead and invest in. This entails getting the right data and conducting loads of precise research. Personally, it’s been eye-opening. This is another thing I like about my course; it provides real-world case studies which allow students to get a deep insight on how international businesses work in the modern world.

Find your community

“I realised that Brighton was the perfect university for me was when I saw the way they treated their community”

Everyone has the same chances and support to succeed at whatever they set their mind to, and the university encourages cultural diversity alongside an extensive eagerness to providing support all of the time.

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Word from the uni…

Interested in this course? Read the full course description International Business Management BSc(Hons).

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Yousra Ennassih Hassani • 27th April 2022

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