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Life as a graduate primary school teacher

How are you finding your graduate job?

I am enjoying my new job as a Year 2 class teacher, it has been challenging but a great opportunity to develop as a practitioner. I have enjoyed applying much of the learning from my Primary Education degree and putting it into practice. It has also been a valuable learning experience to work with a range of colleagues, from teaching assistants to senior leadership members.

In which ways do you feel your degree prepared you for your career? Are there certain modules or experiences that helped you prepare?

The practical placement experiences provided in each year of my course helped me to build my confidence with planning and teaching a range of subjects. The course has supported me to develop into a confident teacher, where I have full agency in making decisions for my class of 30 children.

What was the best thing about your course?

One of the best things about my course were the supportive lecturers and teaching staff who inspired me to develop subject knowledge and pedagogic strategies across a range of curriculum subjects.

Has the pandemic changed the way you think about your life goals and ambitions?

It has made me value the importance of human connection and the importance of working collaboratively with colleagues in order to make the most out of my teaching.

How do you feel that you’ve developed since starting university?

I believe I have been able to take on the responsibilities of full term work in a way where my communication skills have further developed, I feel increasingly able as a member of society to advocate for positive change and promote a positive classroom environment that values every child.

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Word from the uni…

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James Lewington • 9th March 2022

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