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Friends on campus

Blended learning – finding the right balance for me!

Since the new academic year started in September, there’s been even more changes to the way teaching is being approached. After adjusting to online teaching for almost an entire year, the chance to return to campus offers so many new possibilities, and the chance to experience a much more rewarding University student life.

Studying and socialising on campus

Something I’ve found really useful about being back on campus is being able to talk in-person again with the other students on my course and modules. This in itself has really strengthened the social aspect of my life here in Brighton as a student and has made it a lot easier to engage with my classes. With restrictions now lifted, socialising with other students on-campus has also given me a social life outside of uni, and I really feel that my student life is much more balanced and enjoyable.

Support from staff – both online and in person

All of the academic staff have also been really supportive and helpful during this first term back. For instance, I felt quite anxious before returning to campus at the start of the term – but emailing my module leaders and voicing my concerns really helped. They have all been extremely understanding and reassured me of any worries I’ve had. They’ve also offered to provide extra support both in-person and also over email and video call. Having these options has made me feel much less overwhelmed than I originally was.

Facilities and resources

Since being back on campus, I’ve also found the University’s study resources really helpful. Being able to use the library as a study space and have full access to the thousands of books and academic texts available for hire has made studying a lot easier and enjoyable. It’s also been really nice to have a new environment to study in, which seems to help keep me on top of my studies. Having the option of being back on campus again has also allowed me to take full advantage of the other resources available, such as the group study rooms in the libraries on campus. My course mates and I have found this to be a really great way to study and also prepare for group projects and presentations.

Find the right balance for you

I personally have found alternating between working from home and on campus really useful, as it’s given me a routine that feels manageable yet also keeps me busy and engaged with my work

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Charlotte India Howard • 15th December 2021

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