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Students engaging with facilities in the Huxley building

Why study at Brighton? The Huxley building!

One of my favourite places at Brighton University is Huxley Building located at the Moulsecoomb campus.

Specialist facilities at Brighton

Huxley itself has seven floors, mainly filled with specialised labs but also lecture halls and offices. My favourite floors are the 4th and 5th as this is where I spend most of my time participating in practicals. Whenever I enter the premises of this building, I’m amazed by the amount and variety of equipment available. The most impressive apparatus I’ve seen so far includes an NMR machine, spectrophotometers, 3D printers, DNA sequencing system and X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer.

Supportive technicians and lecturers

Huxley building facilities are home to a wide range of students from the School of Applied Sciences; including those studying chemistry, biological sciences, biomedical science and pharmacy. Being home to such a wide range of students it has to have wide range of chemicals and solutions available on site. However, if for some reason you can’t find what you need to carry out your experiment, lab technicians and professors are very swift at ordering these in, so that you can continue and make progress in your research. Outside each lab, there are many lockers, that close either with a key or unicard, so I never had to worry about my stuff as it was always safely secured.

Working alongside other students

Moreover, the Huxley building has a great area for socializing or decompressing before or after intense practicals. Alongside being a great place to socialise, it is an ideal place to wait for your train, especially during cold winter days, as it is the closest building to Moulsecoomb train station. Additionally, one of my favourite easter eggs that are tucked away in this building, is the piano located on the 3rd floor. I sometimes enjoy having a little jam session during my break time, especially when no lectures are running in the lecture hall opposite the instrument.

Overall, these are my favourite things about the Huxley building 😊

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Sandra Skubis • 3rd December 2021

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