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Deborah standing outside the towner gallery

My favourite student spots in Eastbourne – five top tips!

Over my past two years at the University of Brighton Eastbourne campus, I have been able to explore, make great friends and have tonnes of fun. In this blog I would like to share my top five places to visit in Eastbourne as a student.

1. Visit the Towner Art Gallery

Deborah standing outside the towner gallery

Located in Devonshire Park, roughly a 15 minute walk from campus, this gallery constantly has new and interesting exhibits to explore, as well as incredible art, a café and history about Eastbourne. There is a beautiful piece of artwork on the building itself, which is filled with colour and works as a great background for taking photos.

2. Unwind at Eastbourne seafront

Deborah and a friend at Eastbourne beach

One of the best things about studying in Eastbourne is being so close to the sea. The seafront is a great place to break from your studies and calm your mind by yourself or with friends. At the seafront you will find the beach, where you always be able to spot someone swimming, no matter how cold it is outside!

You can also visit the pier, which has lots of little shops, fun entertainment and yummy food. However, I think that my favourite thing to do at the seafront is visit the rockpools. They can be explored during low tide, and are habitats to many cool sea creatures. I advise wearing flip flops or crocs when visiting the rockpools, trust me…I learnt the hard way.

3. Wander around Gildredge Park

Deborah and a friend sitting in Gildredge park

Roughly a 20-minute walk from the main campus and simple to get to once you are on Grove Rd, this park is another place that is perfect for both socialising and having a bit of you time. If you are an animal lover then you will definitely enjoy visiting this park, as you will find lots of friendly dogs there as well as squirrels that you can feed. It is a lovely environment for a picnic, to read or just to chill. If it’s activities that you want, then say no more as the park has a tennis court and skate park available for use. It could be the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and develop a new skill!

4. Indulge at Beanz Café

Beanz cafe in Eastbourne

This café is on Grove Rd, around a 15-minute walk from campus. It’s a relatively new find of mine, but it is amazing! The café is vibrant, warm and all around just good vibes. The foods and drinks there are scrumptious. I especially recommend the peanut butter and salted caramel shake!

The café is a great space for social or independent studying with both outdoor and indoor seating, depending on your mood and the weather of course. But most importantly the prices are affordable for the university student budget!

5. Create at The Arthouse Café

Deborah's decorated mug from the arthouse cafe

The best part about this café is the pottery painting. They have a range of pieces for you to choose from and paint til your heart’s content. After you have finished painting, they will get it fired for you and call you to collect it once completed. The café is a bit pricey but it’s a fun activity to do with friends and will make for some great keepsakes.

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Deborah Fatusin • 13th September 2021

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