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Studying as a mature student – why I chose Games Art and Design

Choosing what course you want to do at university is very difficult for some people. Others are fortunate in that they know from an early age what they would like to do. I am a mature student and am starting out late in an industry but I believe one is never too old to study a new subject.

Why did I choose Games Art and Design?

There are a number of reasons that I chose Games Art and Design:

1. I like games. I am not a big gamer and don’t have that much experience in the more popular PC games, but I do often play games on my phone and tablet. I get into them and play them for quite a while.

2. I love graphics. I have always looked at the graphics in a game and what the environment and characters are like. I find it interesting that some games look like they have come from the 80’s even though they have been created recently, yet other games are very realistic. The graphics are very diverse.

3. I love art. Something I always wanted to be good at but never really practised. I am interested in being able to do character design and maybe one day I can use them in a game. I did some photography before and I would always create environments and use dressed up models to create a scene that could be out of a movie or a game.

4. I love creating. I love the freedom one gets from being able to use these powerful programs that are available to artists. As I said I used to create my own scenes from photos by doing many adaptions in photoshop. I am now learning Blender and that opens a whole new world for me. I can not only learn to create a character but now I can model it in 3D and the character will come alive.

Games Art and Design is the perfect choice

So, when I was looking at universities, I knew I wanted something that was art focused, incorporating the 3D aspect. When I found the Games Art and Design, I knew that was the one for me. It incorporates all four aspects that I love.

I think I have really found the course for me, and after a year of being at the University of Brighton, I am even more sure. I am doing assignments but it does not feel like work! I love the amount of practical art assignments we do, and the different ways tutors get students to think about things is very inspiring. I have achieved tasks that I never thought I would be able to achieve in the given time frame. I have learned a lot this year and am looking forward to the next year of challenges.

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Helen Speck • 26th August 2021

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