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Applying through Clearing as an international student – why I did it [video]

Why I applied through Clearing from abroad

I applied through Clearing from abroad because it was mid-August, and I still wasn’t happy with my university choices. After being offered unconditional offers from three different universities none of them felt like the right fit for me.

“As an international student, I was not used to writing essays in English…”

So, I rejected all my options and not long after, I found out about the University of Brighton and decided to inform the agency that was dealing with my university picking process (as an international student) that I would like to apply to Brighton.  

Choosing to study abroad (in Brighton, UK)

Clearing allowed me to pursue my passion and explore a whole new country and I believe it represented the chance to find the perfect university. The university was able to tell me quickly whether I was accepted or not and the process went way smoother than all my previous applications. The university was beyond supportive and guided me in the best way considering how stressful this process can be.  

“What made me realise even more that Brighton uni was the perfect place for me was when I saw the way they treated their community.”

In my case, I consider that Clearing was another chance to find my unique spot at university and I think that it should not be labelled as anything with bad connotations. On the contrary, as it is an option that offers flexibility and freedom that leads to a student’s peace of mind and makes the whole process way easier! 

Support available at Brighton

Studying at the University of Brighton felt right from the start. I got into the university I wanted on the course I wanted at the accommodation I wanted. On top of that I made lifelong friends and that is what matters the most; all this thanks to Clearing.  

What made me realise even more that Brighton uni was the perfect place for me was when I saw the way they treated their community, how everyone had the same chances and support to succeed at whatever they set their mind to, how they encouraged cultural diversity and provide brilliant support services.  

What has uni been like for me?

From the start the uni made me feel as if I was at my second home. From the airport pickup to applying for funding, Brighton uni has been there for me and as an international student I couldn’t be more grateful. They  are there to help students get the best experience, especially when things don’t go to plan.

Another way that uni has supported me with is the learning support plans offered. As an international student, I was not used to writing essays in English and, during the international orientation program, we were introduced to workshops which really helped me. 

Should I do Clearing from abroad?

I would recommend that other students should apply though Clearing from abroad as it is just another route to get on to the course you want at university! 

Jenny and a friend holding their results

Word from the uni

Is there a difference for international students in Clearing? Not really, you can do Clearing from abroad in much the same way as a UK student.

Find out more on our new Clearing for International Students page.

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Yousra Ennassih Hassani • 21st July 2021

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