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Why is it important to attend a Summer School?

At the University of Brighton, we are offering you the chance to attend our online summer school, where you will experience what university life is like and what it is like to study a degree.

From my experience when I was in year 12, I attended a summer school at the University of Brighton and found it one of the most useful weeks ever. I got to experience university life, lectures, seminars, made friends that were interested in the same areas as I was and chatted to current students which inspired me to follow my teaching passion and apply the following year!

What is Summer School?

Summer School is run by the university, and they have a selection of current students on the course you have chosen to focus on. Having the opportunity to chat to current students allows you to understand and learn about first-hand experiences on what the university is like, how student life is different to college life and what to expect when studying the course, e.g., teaching students would tell you all about placements within schools and the opportunities they open up for them throughout the three years – you could even end up with a job opportunity!

Why is it important to attend a Summer School?

The main outcome of the summer school is for you to get a taste of what university is like, to have a fun experience, to chat to current students, to make friends with people that have the same interests as you and it looks great on your cv that you have been actively researching about university and attending a virtual summer school.

During the summer we invite you to take part in a small project which gives you a taster of what the course will be like. For example, on the education summer school, one of our projects is to find household objects and linking it to the national curriculum. This allows you to experience what it is like to produce a piece of work at university, to get creative and to gain feedback from current students about your ideas that you can utilise whilst still at college and when applying to university during year 13.

Summer School artwork - project based

An example of a Summer School project.

My top tips for attending Summer School:

  • Make sure you are active within the summer school – get involved!
  • Ask questions – a question is never too silly!
  • Have a notepad and pen to hand
  • Make new friends
  • And enjoy, this is a new experience and one you will certainly not forget!

By Jasmine, a final year student on the BA Hons in Primary Education 5 – 11-year-olds with QTS.

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Jasmine O'Reilly • 8th July 2021

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