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I chose Brighton so that I could develop my craft!

Visiting an open day for 3D Design and Craft and attending my interview gave me an insight as into what studying would be like. When meeting the tutors for the first time they showed an interest in who I was which was very welcoming and settling. I was also shown the different workshops that I would be working in. I was excited to discover that we would be trained to use a variety of materials, which would allow me to shape the maker or designer I wanted to become. 

In the first year you learn the basics in areas such as ceramics, metal, wood, polymers and digital. In each rotation of material you would follow a brief and develop and practice your skills. Going into second and third year you narrow down your material areas, working alongside briefs to develop more specialised skills. The tutors and technicians on the course have a variety of career backgrounds, so each of them have specific knowledge and experience in their sector, which can be very helpful!   

The course year groups and technicians work alongside each other in the workshops, which gives a sense of community. We all feel comfortable asking for help and giving advice to one another, for me this is one of the best parts of my course.   

On my course we also have a module called Professional Practice, which prepares us for employment or self-employment. We learn about pricing worktaxes, CV writing, career plans and more. It is all very useful knowledge for when we graduate.    

 There are two paths I am thinking of taking when I graduate. The first being a masters degree in craft, I would love to continue developing my skills as a designer and maker before heading out into the professional world. However, if I feel ready when I graduate, I would love to become self-employed. The first step for this would be finding a workshop space and then to start creating! 

Being at university has made me more independent and confident, being able to start fresh in a new environment gives you the best opportunity to start being you! 

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Chloe Hook • 10th May 2021

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