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I chose Brighton because of the community!

As a young adult, leaving the comfort zone of secondary school and familiar home life is a huge and terrifying thought, but for me, knowing I was coming to the University of Brighton made the experience much less intimidating and more exciting.  

My course is very specific – Globalisation: History Politics and Culture – and I chose this because I wanted to continue my studies in history and politics, but also wanted the option to include women and gender studies. I couldn’t find a course better than the one I chose, it seemed to be tailor-made for me. The university gave me the opportunity to combine all my interests into one course that I am thoroughly enjoying studying. 

One of the biggest factors in choosing Brighton was knowing that it is a very supportive and welcoming community-based university. As I am bisexual and non-binary, it was important to me that I chose somewhere I would feel comfortable with other like-minded individuals – and I’m happy to say that I strongly believe that Brighton is where I’m meant to be. Coming from a small, conservative town, it’s been such a joy to experience the open and accepting atmosphere that surrounds the University of Brighton. From LGBTQAI+ societies and groups to my professors using the correct pronouns for me, I honestly have not experienced any negativity regarding my lifestyle choices. 

With COVID-19 it has been harder to find things to do or places to go as a group but just living in such a happy and friendly environment has been wonderful. I chose to live in halls this year, and my seven flatmates and I all get along well – even though I’m the only humanities student in a flat of arts students! I’m not the only student in my flat to have come from outside of England and it’s been so nice to learn about where my flatmates have come from. 

So far, I haven’t got a concrete plan for what to do after my course, though I would consider a masters degree in my subject because I enjoy it so much! At the minute, the future is quite uncertain, but it hasn’t dampened my hopes and expectations of my time at the University of Brighton. No matter what happens, I know I’ll come out of these three years with a good degree in a subject that I love.   

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Tae Wild • 6th May 2021

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